Other Services

Besides all the services offered directly by Hotelhome, by means of its partners, a series of additional services are set at your disposal, such as:


The Hotelhome clients rely on exclusive transfer services for their families and group on a van, car or limousine (POA/Gramado/POA; Caxias do Sul/Gramado/Caxias do Sul).

  • To find values contact
  • Extra Cleaning

    All our estates are thoroughly cleaned when check in is made. There will be a free of charge cleaning at every seven days. You may also request cleaning whenever you wish. Just ask Hotelhome.

  • R$ 300,00 - House/Apartment
  • Extra towels

    If you wish any extra rowels, ask us.
  • R$ 20,00 – Per set.
  • With Hotelhome you Just need to bring your suitcases and feel at home.